Focused on attracting customers

In Doctor Salesman we are totally focused on the generation of online clients. We are creative and innovative when it comes to capturing leads. We constantly improve the conversion processes.

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Facebook & Instagram

Doctor Salesman is a leading company in Facebook and Instagram marketing. We have done all kinds of projects, small and big ones, obtaining great results.

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Google ​Advertising

We help you grow and optimize your Google campaigns and products to increase your ROI according to the characteristics of your business.

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Video marketing

We have our own production studio focused exclusively on high-conversion video production.

Why choose Dr. Salesman to do your social media advertising?

There are many reasons, but here are some of our favorites:

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The Dr. Salesman’s Account Managers have the technical knowledge of the Facebook advertising platform and they get regular training and courses.

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Any ad format for Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, any type of creativity, any industry…we have done everything, small or big projects, obtaining great results.



We structure our Facebook ad services according to your needs, not ours. Our goal is to fit as a part of your team and not as an external agency.


In addition to a full-time graphic design team, Dr. Salesman has a video studio to produce high-quality advertising creativities.


Dr. Salesman's PREMIUM customers have direct access to their campaign team 24/7.

What do our customers say about us...

"Solovariz trusts Dr.Salesman for his experience in digital marketing, particularly in the areas of SEO and Instagram marketing.Your team has experience, is proactive and makes our goals theirs, which makes them decisive partners in our effort to promote brand recognition, attract traffic to our website and generate new business. "
Mónica Gorrini
"Dr. Salesman was the company that helped us create our lead generation system through remarketing and AdWords’ campaigns, working with them is a pleasure, with their guidance, we have seen an increase in the flow of customers, a tremendous efficiency in our investment and a solid ROI ".
Mario Sánchez
Founder Nextidia
"Dr.Salesman's team offered us a global marketing service that covers everything, from social networks and digital advertising to search engine optimization and email marketing. From the beginning, they have not only increased our visibility, but have also increased the generation of potential customers by more than 300%. "
Carlos Leonor
CFO TalkandTravel

How do we work...


We ask questions

We ask questions about your business and find together an effective starting point, where you feel comfortable, to quickly create digital marketing campaigns and programs that produce results as soon as possible.


We create a strategy

We create a digital marketing and content strategy to produce brand knowledge, interaction and sales because a good digital marketing depends on these three areas.


We use all platforms

We check with you at all the main digital advertising platforms: Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. We discovered how to use each of them, and when.


We identify the right audiences

We identify the correct target audience; we adapt the message to them to improve the effectiveness of the campaigns


We make it work

We are constantly checking the data. We do not stop working until the campaigns give the expected results.