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Who is behind Doctor Salesman?

Doctor Salesman team is made up of experts in each business area who base their success on constant learning and the balance between work and family life.

While working with us, you will not only find professionals doing their job, but people who are looking for honest and long-term business relationships with their clients.

In short, we want to give you results and enjoy working with you.

David Falcó


Our expert in Google Ads is also the cohesion element of the team. He does not lose focus and always thinks strategically.

Iván Casado

Head of strategy

With previous experience in PayPal and eBay, our head of Facebook Ads is another of the engines of Doctor Salesman. He plans big and works hard!

Yailin Flores

Content manager

In a changing environment like the digital marketing world, it is crucial to have people like Yailin on the team. She can learn everything, and execute it with brilliant results.

Moises Gutierrez

desarrollo web

There is no fire that Moses cannot turn off. Our CTO is passionate about the semantic web. Something really unique!

Gustavo Prieto

Video Content

When he is not editing a book, you can find him rafting on a river in Thailand or camping in Mongolia.